NINA RICCI Dress Silk with Chiffon Trims

NINA RICCI Dress  NINA RICCI Dress Silk with Chiffon Trims nina ricci dress silk chiffon trims

Styled with a metallic luster, this black silk dress from Nina Ricci is a sensual statement with sheer chiffon trims at the neckline and on the wisp-thin straps. The additional of tactile lace keeps it super chic and pretty.

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Established in Paris in 1932, Nina Ricci’s refined brand of femininity is as coveted today as it ever was. Still soft, polished and elegant, Guillaume Henry, the label’s current creative director, has made it a more seductive option, lending an edge to charming and pretty creations that still prompt the same emotional response from customers today.

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NINA RICCI Dress Silk with Chiffon Trims

Styled with a metallic luster, this black silk dress from Nina Ricci is a sensual statement with sheer chiffon trims at the neckline and...